[Hainan Zhong Anwei] learn management details from Western security companies 2018-11-06

According to statistics, most of the overseas Chinese funded enterprises choose Western security companies to provide services, while domestic security companies get only about 10% of the order. The huge market share gap has to make us realize a reality: there is a big gap between domestic security companies and foreign counterparts in terms of overall strength and competitiveness. To narrow down

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Nineteen 2018-11
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Hainan Zhong An Wei Wei An Insurance Service Co., Ltd. is a new professional, standardized, scientific and modern service oriented enterprise in Sanya. We provide security professional training, civil air defense, material defense, technical defense, networking alarm, unarmed escort and other related security.

06 2018-11
The arrival of double eleven is strengthening training in Hainan's security team.

With the arrival of the double eleven and the end of the year, although it has just entered the winter, everyone has already started the winter sleepy season. In order to have a better security team spirit, Hainan Zhong Anwei Security Service Co., Ltd. has organized to strengthen the team spirit.

Twenty 2018-08
Management is so simple: repeatedly grasping, grasping repeatedly.

As a manager of an enterprise, we all know that there are so many new concepts, new theories, new methods, and new tools of management that are constantly wandering around our workplace. It will come into our vision through various channels of information.

Sixteen 2018-07
The martial arts martial arts hall's first martial arts competition was a great success!

Hainan Zhong Anwei Martial Arts Museum recently held the first martial arts competition, which has been a great success.

02 2018-07
[Hainan fifth games] Sanya wushu team won three gold, two silver, three bronze medals.

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